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POSTED: 10:54 EST Nov 13, 2008 / UPDATED: 10:54 EST Nov 13, 2008

Upcoming Changes from Time Warner Cable
Upcoming Changes from Time Warner Cable

In order to provide advance notice of important upcoming changes that may affect some customer's ability to access certain channels on one-way CableCARD-equipped retail devices (also known as a UDCP)

Time Warner Cable is rolling out a new interactive technology in you area known as Switched Digital Video (SDV). SDV is a particularly exciting bandwidth-management breakthrough that makes it possible for us to offer many additional services, including new HD channels and HD versions of popular existing channels to our customers. SDV allows us to provide these additional services, while at the same time continuing to offer existing services, because channels delivered using SDV are transmitted over the cable system only on an as-needed basis. As a result, SDV uses system capacity more efficiently than the traditional always-on method. In order to launch all the new services our customers want, we must also deliver some existing channels using SDV to make additional bandwidth available.

Time Warner Cable currently is providing two programming services, Versus HD and the Golf Channel HD, on channel 283; each on a part-time basis. Beginning on December 8, 2008, Time Warner Cable will begin providing the Golf Channel HD on channel 283 on a full-time basis. Versus HD will move to channel 271, where it will be provided on a full-time basis. Once this change occurs, Versus HD will be delivered using SDV technology.

The current generation of CableCARD-compatible devices sold at retail is only capable of accessing our one-way services. Such devices were not designed to be compatible with SDV, which is a two-way service. As a result, once Versus HD is delivered using SDV technology, it will not be accessible via UDCPs. However, Time Warner Cable has worked with the rest of the cable industry and TiVo Inc. to develop and external device called a Tuning Adapter that will allow certain UDCPs, includiing TiVo Series 3, TiVo HD, and TiVo HD XL digital video recorders, to access channels delivered using SDV.

We expect to be able to offer Tuning Adapters to customers with compatible UDCPs later this year. At this time, the plan is to provide these at no additional charge. To pre-order a Tuning Adapter, customers can visit http://www.timewarnercable/tuning adapter or call 1-800-TW-CABLE. Until the Tuning Adapter becomes available, however, a Time Warner Cable digital cable set-topbox will be required to view channels delivered using SDV- even if you own a Tuning Adapter-cambatible UDCP. In addition, certaiin non-TiVo UDCP models may not work with the Tuning Adapter.

Please contact 919-573-7040 if you have any questions.

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