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POSTED: 11:05 EST Apr 14, 2011 / UPDATED: 12:34 EST Sept 29, 2014

Redbud Tree: The Official Tree Of Eastover


The official tree of Eastover is the Redbud tree. The Redbud tree is a native tree and will grow well in a woodland setting.
Sometimes redbuds are a little slow to establish. The need to develop a symbiotic, or mutually helpful, relationship with certain soil bacteria that can take nitrogen from the air and convert it to a form that the tree can use in the soil.
You may find that the tree does not bloom as heavily in the interior of a woodland as the trees you see along edges of woods. The number of blooms the tree produces will vary depending on how much shade is cast by nearby trees.
Chances are, since daylilies and other plants are thriving in your woodland, the redbud will do just fine there. If not, you can always remove a few nearby overhanging limbs, or even cut a tree or two to provide extra sunlight. Redbuds are excellent small landscape trees and you should plant yours in a position that will show off its layered branching and arching limbs.
The tree's structure, along with its heart-shaped leves and interesting pods, makes it one of the most decorative of all flowering trees.
One drawback to the tree can be the flower color, which is a wonderful purplish-pink. Unfortunately, the color may not blend well with the deep rose and red colors of many azaleas.
The tree should be placed so that the color does not clash. Nestled among yellow, white, light pink and rose springflowers, the tree is beautiful, indeed.
One of the prettiest compositions in my garden includes a hybrid redbud combined with the yellow flowers of the double form of Kerria Japononica. The redbud blooms first, followered by the kerria a week later. The blooms are open together for about two weeks, then the kerria takes center stage.

So plant a redbud tree and enjoy its beauty.

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